Official Charity
1st prizeprize

Congratulations to our Winners

There's plenty to play for: First place wins a bottle of wine and a 2 point handicap cut. Second place gets you a 1 point cut and a sleeve of logo balls. Third place gets a logo ball marker.

Nearest the pin and Nearest the pin in 2 winners also get a sleeve of balls. Two's winners share half the 2's pot, the rest going to the Captain's Charity.

Date Event & Organiser Highlights Winners


Bill Quain

NTP - Libby Coleman
NTP2 - Tony Ransley
Twos - The Charity
Bill Quain (36)
Tony Ransley (33)


Dave McCormick

NTP - Brian Woodham
NTP2 - Peter Barford
Twos - Tony Ransley & Brian Woodham
Guest James McCormick wasn't allowed to come 2nd.
A special presentation was made to outgoing chairman Dave McCormick for serving 15 years as secretary and chairman. Malcolm Large is the newly appointed chairman.
Tony Ransley (37)
Phil Billin (36)
Peter Breakell (35)


John White

NTP - Terry Wall
NTP2 - Bill Quain
Twos - Terry Wall

Terry Wall (36)
Stephen Fayers (35)
Malcolm Large (35)

(2nd decided on countback)


Newbury & Crookham

Gordon Whickman

  Stephen Anderson (35)
John White (32)
Vernon Tree (31)

Captain's Day

Rona Barford

NTP - Bill Quain, Chris Warren, Sam Warren
Twos - 5 in all
Best Front 9 - Ian Stoker
Best Back 9 - David Robertson
Best Streaker - Mike Mawtus
Long Putt - Martin Smith

Ken Crookes (43)
Peter Barford (39)
Peter Breakell (38)
Mike Mawtus (38)

(3rd decided on countback)



Martyn Glastonbury

NTP - Rona Barford
NTP2 - Chris Warren
Twos - Bill Quain

Peter Barford (37)
Paul Staples (36)
Rona Barford (35)


President's Bowl

Peter Barford

NTP - David Dickie, Anthony Lawrence, Pam Willis (guest), David Phillips (guest)
Twos - six of 'em
Special prizes: Best Front 9 - Ken Crookes (19), Best Back 9 - Paul Staples (19), Best Guest - Jim Botton (33)
Tony Ransley won the President's Bowl
Tony Ransley (41)
Anthony Lawrence (37)
David Robertson (36)

Mill Ride

Bill Quain

NTP - Dave Robertson
NTP2 - Bill Quain
Twos - Dave Robertson

Bill Quain (37)
Terry Wall (28)
Dave Robertson(28)

(2nd decided on countback)


Camberley Heath

Mike Mawtus

NTP - Phil Billin
NTP2 - Malcolm Large
Twos - Terry Wall
Bill Quain (37)
Terry Wall (28)
Dave Robertson(28)

(2nd decided on countback)

Winter Warmer

Tony Ransley

NTP - Gordon Whickman
NTP2 - Terry Wall (eagle)
NTP3 - Vernon Tree
Drive nearest the line - Peter Norris
Terry Wall won the Ted Barrett Trophy.
Terry Wall (36)
Mike Mawtus (34)
John Devlin (34)

(2nd decided on countback)